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After a decade and a half of coaching,
I’ve noticed that there’s one simple skillset
that unites the best guys in the game.


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"Over the years, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of students embark on their journey in game.

Of those thousands, only 2% ever reach truly advanced level game.

Only 2% actually get the 9’s and 10’s that the rest can’t even approach.

And you guessed it, it’s that same 2% that understand the FULL Truth about what women want.

Who are these 2%?
They’re NOT exactly the best looking or the richest or the tallest. 

Honestly they’re not even the guys that “go hard” 7 nights a week...

… or rearrange their whole lives around women. 

In fact, they’re all just smart regular guys who figured out ONE THING."
Emotions & Thoughts Are Everything
Specifically HER emotions and HER thoughts are everything.

The top 2% know that the key to getting any girl is to understand her better than she understands herself.

The more they know WHAT a girl is thinking and feeling… …

the more they can reach a point of DEEP CALIBRATION where almost everything they do makes the girl
CHASE Harder and Harder.
Calibration at the level of practically reading the girl’s mind before even SHE knows what she’s thinking.
Getting to that level of calibration, in combination with an unstoppable outer-game skill-set,
is the simple effortless formula to advanced level game.

It’s the formula I’ve used for over 15 years to have the sex and dating life of a celebrity.

And it’s the formula that will get you there as well no matter if you’ve been in the game for years or just days.

The top 2% don’t believe in taking action.
They believe in taking SMART action.
Highly calibrated action designed to get results with the hottest girls.

Since the beginning of pickup, true female psychology and deep calibration have really only been effectively taught through hundreds of hours of live in-field coaching.

Unfortunately, that level of knowledge and training has been out of reach for the vast majority of guys...until now.
Smart Action = Action rooted in the tenets of real world female psychology
- Todd Valentine
Are You In A Game Rut?
Most guys struggle so hard to play mind-games with the girl until she comes home with them. 
Although it’s been 15 years since I did my first approach, I remember those first few years very vividly.

Probably because they were an incredibly painful and confusing time for me.

Ok, I’m having flashbacks now.

Flashbacks to all the awkwardness, the rejection, the confusion... and finally the rare victories..

No matter how bad you think you are, keep in mind that I went on nearly 70 dates before losing my virginity. 

That’s 70 girls that liked me enough to go out with me... and I couldn’t close a single one of them.

When I tell guys that game is a skillset... THIS is where that comes from. It’s not that I wasn’t taking enough action or there was something wrong with me… ...

it’s that I didn’t know what to do. And most importantly: I had zero clue what drove women mentally and emotionally.

I didn’t GET women. how did I break out?
Well, two things happened.  

A. I got way more analytical and methodical. 

Instead of just going out and blindly stumbling from set to set, I started doing experiments in field.

I would go out with the express purpose of testing just ONE theory or tactic.

This helped completely clear my mind of all the gunk and doubt and anxiety that most guys feel.

I didn’t have to succeed at everything, didn’t have to do everything right.

I just had to concentrate on that ONE THING that I was working on that day or night.

B. I stopped thinking like a newbie. 

Instead of just going out and approaching every girl in sight like an Approach Zombie.

I realized that MORE action did not equal BETTER results.

If anything, constantly running through failed sets would get me more and more in my head.

So I made a major change… I focused on her.

Instead of constantly plotting what pickup tactic I should implement next…

I decided to focus as much on the girl as possible.

What signals was she sending me?

What was she thinking and feeling?

What was she saying or not saying?

Both of these shifts very quickly began to pay off.
I began to see results. Insane results. With exactly my type of girls.

Not just the random 6 or 7 that happened to be into me.

Before I knew it, I reached a certain threshold where game wasn’t confusing.

There was very little guesswork involved anymore.

From open to close, I had a complete understanding of the girl in front of me.

I knew how she felt about me. What she found valuable, What she thought was weird and creepy.   

What her major objections were. 

And how I could overcome them smoothly and without seeming try hard.

And finally, let’s talk about the sex.
At this point, I’m sure you understand that women LOVE sex.

But every girl has her own sexual key.

Her secret set of arousal points that she keeps hidden.

Not to mention all the things she perceives as major turn-offs.

And at the end of the day (or night) she wants sex to go down.

This point right here is super key.
This never works. Period.
Instead, I’m able to very quickly figure out how SHE wants to be pulled.

The mental movie in her mind of how she wants a guy to seduce her.

And what moves I have to make to make her not only comfortable, but also highly aroused.

And then I do exactly that.
And that right there is what I’m talking about when I talk about deep calibration.
It’s what separates most guys that work so damn hard in-field… ...

from the few that know that game is a walk in the park.

Or at least it’s a walk in the park when you know what the girl wants.

Game is as easy as breathing when you know what she needs from you.

When you have a deep understanding of female psychology on an intuitive second-nature level… ...

getting the girls you want becomes as easy as breathing.

Am automatic effortless process.

And that’s what I want for you.
Easy game that gets you EXACTLY the type of girl you’ve always dreamed of.
Who is Women For?
I consciously made Women specifically for beginners and intermediates that know they’re missing something major in their game.

For both beginners and intermediates, uncalibrated game is the single biggest sticking point for almost every student I see.

It’s also the main reason why you’re just not getting the quality of girl you know you should be getting. 

The sooner you can understand how the girl thinks and feels on an intuitive level, the sooner you’ll start to see results that might initially shock you.
So What’s Inside?
 14 Videos
6 Videos
8 Videos
20 Videos
8 Videos
21 Videos
10 Videos
5 Videos
12 Videos
4 Videos
Infield Video Breakdowns
7 Different Infield Clips, Broken Down 4 Different ways: Uncut, Classic, Women, & Verbal Game

Sample Clip: Infield #1 - Verbal Breakdown

Real calibration and advanced game occurs on a deep intuitive level.

You have to FEEL it. 

And the best way to feel it is to DO it.

I have to warn you,
these 8 weeks are not going to be easy.
Every Saturday we’re going to get on a live call where we focus on a specific aspect of female psychology, calibration and advanced outer game...

...along with a specific set of missions to get you taking targeted action
Calibrated Approaching
Reading Her Blueprint
Calibrated Compliance
Pulling Without Resistance
Calibrated Attraction & Hooking
Calibrated Investment
Sexual Arousal
Relationships from A to Z
and that's Part One!
The very next day we’ll do a second live workshop.

That’s two LIVE workshops back to back. Ie. The Debrief.

We’ll go over your night, your successes, your sticking points, what you need to work on next week.

Any questions you have, now is the time to ask me directly.

I’ll even make you a promise on this webinar.

I’ll answer ALL your questions.

AND YES... these LIVE WORKSHOPS will be posted to your membership page after.  So no worries if you skip a session.
Relationship Course
Guess what: Girlfriends are kind of awesome.

Especially when she’s exactly the girl you’ve always wanted.

Fun fact: I’ve had a very serious girlfriend for the last three years. It’s an open relationship and she actually goes out of her way to arrange threesomes for me. 

Can’t complain.
Truth is relationships can be super-difficult at times and there’s very little real advice out there on the subject.

That all changes with this 8-week long relationship course that teaches you absolutely everything I know about getting, keeping, and making relationships work.

I firmly believe that you can have exactly the relationship you want. 

Whether you want a loving girlfriend. Three loving girlfriends. An open relationship. Or even a wife. I’ve got you covered.
The Attractive Man Matrix
60 Individual Missions
covering 15 Traits: 

Attractive Personality

Attractive Life
Social Proof
Social Trust
Plausable Access

Attractive Skills
Escalation & Flirtation
Problem Solving
Frame Control
My Previously Exclusive
Live-Only Event. Learn:

The Approach
 Making Approach Anxiety Your Bitch
 How To Approach When You're "Not Feeling It"
 Gaming The Environment 
 Establishing Value Before The Open
 Nightgame Vs. Daygame Approaches

The Open
The Flawless First 5 Seconds
 Arouse Her Undivided Attention
 The Smart Approach Vs. The Awkward Approach
 The Power Of Silence During The Open 
 Create Your Own Openers
 Steal Todd's Openers
 How To Never Say The Wrong Thing

The Hook
The F.R.E.D. Model for On-Demand Hooking
 Igniting Her Curiosity 
 Being Relevant To Her World
 Instant Investment Techniques
 The "Ryan Gosling" Method

The Misunderstood Science of Attraction
 Deciphering Her Attraction Blueprint
 3 Alpha Male Behaviors That Make Her Chase
 How To Never Have A Platonic Interaction Again
 Old School Outer Game Tactics
 Advanced Sexual Tension For Dummies
My Two Celebrated
Multi-Hour Manifestos
My Hand-Picked
Collection of Techniques


Enrollment Now Closed
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this for beginners like me?
The ability to understand how women think and feel is the single most important skill in getting good with girls. Even if you suck at all the other aspects of game, calibration and understanding the girl will get you massive results by themselves.

In over 15 years of coaching, I’ve seen plenty of guys with very little formal game knowledge who absolutely crush it with women because they fundamentally get them at their very core.
Meanwhile, most of the issues guys have with women start and end with a faulty understanding of what women actually want anyway. 

In addition, Women is designed to get you up to speed on not only the core fundamentals of game, but will also give you a practical roadmap that gets you out into the field, taking action, and seeing results in no time.
I’m an Intermediate, is this for me?
Inconsistency, spending hours infield with only occasional results, not being able to get the hotter girls you actually want. These are all hallmarks of intermediate purgatory.

At the end of the day, the difference between intermediate and advanced is almost always calibration. I’ve found that most intermediate students understand the basic “moves” of game, but without truly understanding women on an intuitive level, they’ll never get past uncalibrated game that really only works on 6’s and 7’s and never on the girls you actually want. 

If you’re an intermediate student, Women will teach you the calibration needed to take your game to advanced.
How does this work with other products and theories?
Women is designed to fill a major missing piece in how game is taught. While most pickup content out there shows you WHAT to do, without knowing WHY or WHEN you’re doing something, you’re never going to get very far with the girls you actually want.

Once you learn and internalize real-world calibration, and can genuinely understand how women think and feel when they’re right in front of you, you’ll finally be able to unlock the next level of game.

This means more results with the girls you actually want. More solid numbers. More pulls. More sex. More girlfriends (if that’s your cup of tea).
Is there new infield in this?
There’s about 25 hours of new never-before-seen infield with breakdown shot specifically for this product. Yep, 25. Crazy, I know.

BTW these breakdowns are not your daddy’s breakdowns. I show you not only my perspective on what I’m doing in-set, but also hers...what she’s thinking and feeling moment by moment. 

These are by far the most advanced in-depth infield breakdowns ever released by anyone ever. Period.
Does this apply to college, online, social circle game?
At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you actually meet the girl, it’s whether or not you actually understand what they want and how they think that gets you results.

Guys that have a deep intuitive understanding of women will succeed in any context you put them in. That’s speaking from personal experience.
What Students Are Saying About Women

“Already getting huge value out of Women and I've only scratched the surface. Can't wait for what's ahead and applying what's learned to my nights out.”

“Todd in my mind is the Game Engineer. He just breaks everything down systematically and gives you working methodologies to really understand complicated concepts and give you actions to make you really good.”

“He’s doing all these little things that are getting all these results. It’s invisible, the girl doesn’t even recognize what’s going on, but he’s just being himself and getting all these results.”

"I saw where I used to be, where I am now, and where I can be in the future, along with the next step I have to take to get to where I want to be."

"I like that I was able to pick up details that just changed everything for me."

"Just bought WOMEN by Todd. I can't stop watching it already 👌"

"`Women` is sick. 3 hours on opening. A survey to improve your game. Infield broken down in 3 different ways. He shows you good game and bad game and how to fix it. What more can you ask for."

"Women is now my all-time favorite RSD program. My game now feels like fishing with dynamite."

"There were some nuances that I was missing in my calibration that I wasn't able to figure out by myself. I was losing out on all these different opportunities."

"More than just having sex. It is liberating me from feelings of loneliness and isolation. Here is my first threesome pull that I enjoyed after implementing what I learned [picture attached] - Thank you truly Todd and team."

"`Women` is ridiculous. Calibration on another level."

"If you're uncalibrated, you'll get some success just on sheer action but you'll have a high flake rate. If you know how to act, how to react, how to lead every single step, you'll have a much higher level of success and feel much more comfortable with your game."

"17 years of teaching pickup has clearly given this man autopilot answers to every game-related question I could ever have."

It's time to change your life with Women...
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